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Energy work has the power to unblock and release old belief systems and patterns that lodge deeply in the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Because we're all unique, here to experience the contrast of being human, we tend to hold lots of 'stuff' which gets stored deeply in the cells and tissues. 


Where traditional therapies may not have been successful, energy work can pick up and clear a variety of issues that have seemed untouchable. Relief can not only be felt physically, but also in the other governing bodies.  Sometimes simply understanding more about how you process energy around you, can be enough to shift a situation.   

I work with many different aspects of the quantum field, and open up the channels between the seen and unseen.  Using these different aspects ('past-present-future' experiences, the chakra system, working with light and sound, visualizations and more) allows me to piece together, like a puzzle, what you need for healing, integration and wholeness.  


Many clients feel immediate relief, a lightness in the body, or notice that issues that felt charged, no longer hold the trigger.  Others, (especially if you've never experienced this type of work) need repeated sessions to peel back the layers, like an onion. The Energy will follow your desire, meaning it won't go past your threshold. Therefore, many people need repeated sessions in order to completely clear the issue, especially if there's trauma involved. 


These sessions also shifts our perceptions and belief systems, helping us to come back into alignment with who we really are, regain balance, de-stress, gain confidence, gain clarity and see our worthiness. 


It also allows us to take responsibility and heal from traumas, while moving into more willingness and empowerment on all levels. 


The work we'll do together requires an open mind and see other perspectives that may have never been considered before.  As an intuitive, I work with many aspects of the Higher Self and other Beings, with your multiple aspects, those who have crossed over, and others who are wanting to assist you on your path.  


PLEASE NOTE: Energy work requires a quiet, relaxing and uninterrupted space. This can be a wonderful time to listen to calm music, disconnect from your devices, light a candle or incense, and create a beautiful stage for healing. 

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20 Min. Complementary Consultation


Not sure which session would be right for you?  Would you like to meet me in person to see if our work together would be a good fit?  20 min. consultations include a discussion about your goals and needs in clearing and healing, or which type of work will be most effective for you.


20 min.

0 min.



Intuitive Reading/Coaching Session

Sand Dune

Intuitive Coaching Sessions are a great way to: connect with your Higher Self and Guidance Team, answer questions about relationships, understand and activate your life path more fully, get more clarity around a situation, experience, or health issue, and more.


As a psychic and intuitive, I'll connect with those who can see your path and know your higher purpose. Click 'Book Now' to be linked to my email.   

30 min.

60 min.



Home & Land Clearings

Mountain Landscape

Our homes and the land they sit on carry the energetic imprints of all the previous owners. This can affect the overall well-being of those who live in it, and guests who enter as well. 


Home & land clearings are great to release heavy energies and establish domain when first moving into a new space, especially if you're particularly empathic.


Conversely, if you're moving and the sale of the home/land isn't moving forward, clearings can help identify the energetic cause. 


REMOTE sessions only. 

0 min.

60 min.



Quantum Integration & Healing

Rock in Sand

This is powerful and dives really deep into blockages, patterning, and belief systems that keep us stuck and out of our fullest potential.


Karma, which are simply the lessons that your soul chose to learn during an experience, can have a powerful effect on our life path and especially, relationships.  Some will call the work "past lives"----however, since everything exists in no time (all at the same time) I use the term 'Quantum experience' when referring to co-existing realities.  I use Light Language and other frequencies to assist the session at times. 


30 min.

60 min.



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The first time I met Sherri I knew her spiritual gifts were powerful. I’m in the unique and fortunate position to have been not only her student in Yoga but also to be a recipient of Sherri and her energetic healing practice, as-well-as benefiting from her expertise in spiritual guidance from her higher self as an Ascension guide. I consider Sherri a mentor and leader in the spiritual community as she is a clear vessel for pure light from source. It is my experience that whatever you need help with or guidance for, Sherri can assist you and you’ll also consider her a blessing in your life and be better because you know this amazing woman!”

Lynda Light, Ascension Guide & Intuitive

Sherri is such a gifted channel of the Divine!  She preps before each session to create a beautiful, compassionate and safe space which leads to such fantastic revelations!!  During my session, Sherri gently guided me to face my the 2 biggest challenges-- the unexplainable sense of dread and foreboding and helplessness I have had all of my life, as well as, the unreasonable patterning (completely to the detriment of my own Self) in which I could not stop myself from spending this entire lifetime trying to be and do and give whatever I thought would ‘fix’ relationships with the most significant people in my life.  With Sherri ’s soft guidance and tenderhearted understanding I was able to release the dread and step away from the patterning with ease and grace!   Words cannot express what a gift this has been to me!!!  I highly recommend working with Sherri if you are interested in effortlessly releasing what is no longer serving you so you can start creating the life you wish for.

                                                                              Kimberly, Super Sexy Peace

Sherri has done several Reiki treatments on me. Each time, I felt so much better and it helped me feel relaxed and balanced. She is a kind and gentle soul, I would recommend her healing hands to anyone!



Sherri is a wonderful yoga teacher! She is patient, clear and direct in her delivery of the poses. Her understanding of the philosophy of yoga is extremely helpful during the practice. Sherri’s approach to meditation is also fabulous. Her guided meditations are expansive, healing and joyful!


Sherri Bausch is an amazingly powerful psychic/intuitive and spiritual adept whose work I will trust over and over. 

Wonderful healing energy flows from Sherri to client as she looks into the unseen elements of a situation. She then offers the clarity and profound insights needed to help you shift the experience to a whole higher level. 

She has been able to see clearly into both my and my loved ones’ current and past life experiences, offering images and histories in ways that empowered me to finally grasp what was happening, and why. 

Sherri will show complete respect for your life and experiences, never judging but honoring your path. Her encouraging comments and innate wisdom have assisted me and many others in moving through difficult experiences with far greater grace and comfort.

I recommend Sherri’s work for those looking to expand their outlook with high-level understanding, and beautifully supportive, healing energies!


                                                               Caroline Oceana Ryan, author and channeler

***DISCLAIMER:  Please note that the information and advice given during sessions are for informative purposes only and are NOT to be taken as medical or mental health advice or as a diagnosis. Please see a qualified health practitioner for medical or mental health advice, diagnoses, and treatment. Likewise, Sherri Bausch and Mindful Creative Life do not predict the Crypto Market nor advise on specific financial investments. ***