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Quantum Signature Healing
(QSH) ™

Level 1 Course:
Next Start Date, Jan. 4th, 2022
6 weeks

Course Instructors:
Sherri Bausch & Lynda Light 

Quantum Signature Healing (QSH™) is a unique and proprietary type of healing developed by Lynda Light and Sherri Bausch to assist with the healing of Collective and Planetary Consciousness during the Ascension.  


It embodies many realms, dimensions, and interactions with Higher Beings. It connects your quantum experience directly with the Collective, for a deeper command and mastery of the quantum fields.




QSH™ certification includes three levels, each building on the other, with the end goal being understanding and working in mastery of your own field, and within the Quantum realms of Higher consciousness,


This includes working on the planetary grids and with Collective Consciousness.


QSH™ is deep work and becomes even more powerful when used in tandem with other Quantum Signature Healing practitioners.  



QSH™ will be offered in 3 Levels: 

 Level 1: Commanding The Personal Field


 Level 2:  Advanced Gridwork & Personal Field Work


 Level 3: Grid and Healing Mastership

QHS Level 1:

Image by Hal Gatewood

In Level 1 we cover the basics regarding your personal energy field and the Collective and get students ready to start working directly on the grids using consciousness.


Students will learn about connections with their higher selves and how to fortify their field while learning the basics of bilocation and remote work in the higher realms of consciousness.


Students will also receive an initiation transmission for opening into this collective healing gridwork that Sherri and Lynda do for each level, as well as a certificate of completion.


Module 1: Fully Commanding Your Personal Field, The Basics
L:1: Grounding and Protection Before Beginning

L:2: Your Personal Energy Field
L:3: Inviting In
Awareness and Assistance
L:4: Opening Your Field to Clearing & Healing Emotions
L:5: Seeing and Working with Energy
L:6: Scanning Yourself
L:7: Synching With Guidance and Intentions While Checking The Ego
L:8: Continuing To Clear Your Own Field As You Learn

Module 2: Live Call/Q & A

Module 3, section 1: Working In The Collective Energy Field: The Basics
L:1: Trusting Your Connections
L:2: The Basics of Breath Work 
L:3: Directing & Guiding Energy From Your Personal Field
L:4: Perceiving The Collective 
L:5: Communications with The Collective
L:6: Basics for Transmissions to The Collective

Module 3, section 2: Principles of Gridwork: The Basics of Remote Energy Healing and Using the Grids 
L:1: What are the Grids 
L:2: Staying Grounded and Protected While  On the Grids
L:3: How To Shield Your Field WHile Staying Transparent
L:4:  Getting Familiar With Yourself On The Grids
L:5: Bilocation Travel Basics (Locations 1 and 2)
L:6: Basics for Transmissions on the Grids

Module 4: Live Call/Q & A


Module 5: The Basics of Using your Personal Quantum Field in Remote Healing
L:1: The Chakras, Identifying and Clearing Blockages and Balancing
L:2: Learn How to Hold the Field for Yourself and the Receiver
L3: Recognizing and Clearing the Energy of Emotions with Others
L:4: How to Facilitate Clearing the Fields for Others

L:5: Visualization Techniques
L:6: Past Life Recall/Karmic Work 


Module 6: Live Call/Q & A, Graduation 

Congratulations! Completing Level 1

Q & A Practice Class & Graduation Zoom Link

What to Expect Next, QSH Level 2

Course Evaluation


PLEASE NOTE: Although some students may not have had formal training in remote energy healing, it would make an excellent tool for learning prior to taking this course, but is not a requirement. You should have a basic idea of how to send and receive remote energy.

Purple Glow

QSH Level 2 is launching in spring 2022! 
Exchange is $325 for 6 weeks

Meet The Instructors

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about who we are and what we do.


Sherri and Lynda found each other through synchronicities that led them to briefly work together at a wellness center Lynda was managing.


Sherri was teaching Yoga and Lynda, Reiki, and meditation.  Sherri had just received her Reiki II attunement and so, many days were spent practicing reiki with Lynda, rather than yoga (which was fine with Sherri!).


They immediately recognized the energetic gifts they brought in together and knew that eventually, one day, they'd be working together. Six years later, it's a reality. 



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