The Root Of It All

This week, I want to bring focus to the Muladhara Chakra, the lowest area of the body at the base of the hips, otherwise known as the Root Chakra.

The Root Chakra, which is fundamentally important to our life force flow, is the foundation, the safety center base, and the place we hold our sense of security for the basic needs of life. It represents all things in the material and physical world. Because it's at the first major energy center in our system, its equilibrium is extremely important.

When Muladhara is in perfect balance, the creation of life feels flowing and full of focus, anticipation, and there's a general trust or faith that we're being supported in all we do.

Imbalances however, bring up a multitude of emotions like depression, fearfulness, resentment, guilt, anxiety and anger. People who experience a root chakra out of whack also demonstrate co-dependency, excessive attachments, feelings of abandonment, greed, feeling stuck and a short temper. And honestly, there really isn't a person on the planet who doesn't experience these disharmonies.

In healing sessions, the root chakra can be the window to abandonment, betrayal and poverty or lack issues both in this current experience, and in the many parallel quantum experiences in a person's karmic path. Addressing early childhood and relationship issues that may be deeply entrenched in the root chakra, often reveals layer upon layer of similar patterns around losing a partner or parents, going through neglect, or not being valued or respected at a core level.

Root chakra work is often the dungeon work of the chakras. Think of it as the boxes in the basement that you forget about and don't want to deal with when cleaning out your home. It literally stores every bit of information based on the basic survival needs of the human being. So if trauma was present in any form and it hasn't been fully processed, it can settle into the life force and deplete it as the energy is absorbed into locking the negative experiences away.

During yoga practices, we often say that this is like the junk drawer; so implementing hip openers, such as pigeon, garland and warrior poses can help to release unwanted, stuck energies in the emotional and physical body. And these are the poses that will evoke strong emotions, and bring people to tears, simply because hidden emotions have been released.

In the physical sense, if you're experiencing lower back pain around the sacrum or tailbone, or are having reproductive issues or difficulties with the lower extremities into the legs and feet, this is also a pain point for an imbalance.

Healing the Muladhara area can be as simple as visualizing the energy spinning between the lower hips, creating a bright red vortex that, as it releases unwanted emotions and stories, becomes brighter and more intense.

Any crystal or stone that is red works well to dispel and clarify this area. Tiger's eye, garnet and even obsidian will elicit a grounding and peaceful quality. Another visualization that's helpful is meditating with the image of Mt. Shasta, which will evoke a loving, earthly energy as Mt. Shasta is considered the root chakra of Mother Earth.

Collectively and on the world stage we're seeing this area of the energy body play through the fears of the unknown; our health, economics, housing, jobs and more. These are our basic needs for surviving, and when they're threatened it creates an energetic jolt.

And so to bring it back to center, we can bring our awareness to this area and sit with any discomfort that comes up, if only for a few moments at a time, allowing the debris, the stories and the feelings to present themselves as a movie. Process them gently by holding all of it, acknowledging it, embracing it and then seeing it shoot out into the ethers to be turned into light.

Know that the process, while heavy and daunting, is highly effective in relieving symptoms of the root chakra. If we did nothing but work with this vortex only, much of what ails us may be relieved since this is the foundation of who we really are. A clear and balanced root chakra clears the way for the other chakras to flow with ease.

If you're looking for more tips on the root chakra, check out the latest Soul Sistar Speak with Lynda and I (on my YouTube channel) where we dive deep into the pulse of Muladhara and lead a healing for the planet, clearing and healing the root chakra. Private sessions are also available if you're looking for a more intimate and deeper healing. Go to my sessions page here.