The Golden Center

The Human body is amazing in its complexities. While managing our physical aspects and our mind is challenging enough, add to it our spiritual and energy systems, and we become a highly intelligent design that is constantly adjusting and readjusting to maintain a balance unique to only you.

Chakras do just this. They're the barometer for our entire Being, showing and speaking to us in ways that aren't perceptible to many.

Last week I wrote about the Third Eye or Anja Chakra, and this week I wanted to share the importance of the Solar Plexus Center, or the Manipura Chakra, which in Sanskrit means 'lustrous gem'. (The color of this area is represented with yellow and the element is fire.) Why the lustrous gem? Because this is the power center of You.

Located at the bottom of the rib cage, and above the naval area, in physical terms, the solar plexus is actually a bundle of nerves that connects to the brain, spinal cord, stomach, liver, gallbladder, intestines and pancreas. Just in those connections you can see why this area is so important.

But the energetic aspects are even more so. This is the area of our personal power, of taking responsibility for life, of the intellect, your personal belief systems and decision making. It's where the personal identity lies and where confidence and self-discipline lives.

Imbalances in the Solar Plexus chakra will show up as fatigue, overeating, excessive weight around the stomach and digestive system disorders. If you're having difficulties making decisions, are overly judgemental or aggressive, have low self-esteem or are overly dominating towards others, look to this energy center.

Conversely, when the Manipura area is balanced, we exude confidence, clarity in decision making, are motivated and have a sense of purpose, feel that we're worthy of receiving and hold true to our belief systems.

Because of the human experience and suffering, balancing this area is key to feeling joy, creativity and connection with the world around us. People who have experienced trauma, rigid upbringings or abuse tend to have difficulty balancing the third chakra.

Collectively, at this time, we're seeing a huge imbalance around the Solar Plexus chakra, due to the issues playing out on the planet. Families are being divided over decisions that involve the body, mind and spirit, and personal freedoms are being infringed upon by the larger systems, which leads to the feeling of powerlessness.

It's vitally important at this time, to work with this energy and reclaim your personal power, even if you have very little control over your immediate environment. When we step back into knowing and accepting what makes us who we are, we immediately exude peace and calm. Change begins with each of us, and while it can be difficult to see outwardly, especially now, it does help shift all of us to a better version of the planet.

Here are some ways you can begin to open this area and bring it back to it's original form:

  1. Burn incense like sandlewood, ginger and cinnamon

  2. Meditate while focusing on this area; visualize golden, yellow light filling the space and clearing darker debris out beyond your body and into the light

  3. Repeat affirmations such as "I feel motivated to pursue my purpose." or "I forgive myself for past mistakes, and I learn from them." or, "I stand in my personal power."

If you're looking for more assistance or support with the Solar Plexus chakra, or feel you need to release old conditioning or behaviors that aren't serving you anymore, I offer one-on-one sessions that can help you move closer to who you really want to be.

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