The Gifts of The Third Eye

In the work I do, the Chakra system often presents itself to me first, wanting to be cleared and cleansed before moving onto the deeper healing. This channel of energy from above the crown of the head to the bottoms of the feet, courses through our system, acting as a sort of barometer for the health of our energy system.

This week on Soul Sistar Speak, my Monday evening YouTube program that focuses on spiritual gifts and Collective healing work, co-host Lynda Light and I discussed why the third-eye chakra is so vitally important to knowing who you really are.

There are nine main chakras, with hundreds of others smaller energy points positioned in and around the body. The Third-Eye, (or Anja, in Sanskrit) is the space at the center of the forehead and slightly above the eyebrows and bridge of the nose, and the energy point where our intuition and knowing lives.

A beautiful gateway to deeper consciousness, this area of the body has been revered and attended to in many ancient cultures. In Tibetan Buddhist medicine, the belief was that beyond the physical use of the eyes, people also held five others ways of seeing, all of which were internal and/or spiritual. They used ancient rituals to open the area as it was part of balancing the entire system.

The Hindu depicted the third eye in the bindi, a small red dot in the same placement of the third eye, which was similar to the ancient Egyptians, whose art and hieroglyphics showed ornament at the middle of the forehead. The Egyptians also believed deeply in the ability to travel to the underworld and heavens, and the symbol of the Udjat, the symbol of Horus, represented well-being, healing and protection within those realms.

South American Shamans still work with accessing the third-eye using Ayahuasca, Peyote and Rape to facilitate, as they feel that traveling through this channel of consciousness helped to release the negative and bring the whole being back to their true form.

The holy trinity of the Chakra system, the third eye acts as the glue between the masculine and feminine sides of the body and Being. When we're able to access this system freely and with ease, we bring natural balance to both the left and right sides. Since our bodies are far more than physical, we can use the third-eye to pinpoint where the imbalances are within, and self-correct them.

And in our culture, imbalances occur in many way: eating dense foods that lack nutrients, staying stuck in self-sabatoging belief systems, conditioning and programming, engaging in toxic relationships or thinking, lack of exercise and movement, lack of interaction with the natural elements and much more.

Working with this sacred space on the forehead is a respite from seeking outside of ourselves and instead bringing empowerment to own Being.

Through meditation practices and intuitive practice, we learn to hone our understanding of what it means to be unique, whole and balanced.

To understand how we access this deep intuitive space, picture R2D2 in the very first Star Wars movie, when the droid projected a hologram of Princess Leah into the room. This super computer in robot form represents Higher Consciousness, and processes that intelligence as a super computer, which then projects its knowing.

With the chakras, we pull information from the Crown and above (divine intelligence and Higher Consciousness) and down through the pineal gland and brain, then out through the Third-Eye where we receive a visualization, knowing or feeling. These knowings are way deeper than our conscious thoughts; they unlock and open up many experiences and understandings that may have been locked away for a very long time.

The healing power of Anja is immense. It brings understanding, reclamation and peace. It empowers us to understand who we want to be, who we can be and who we have always been.

If you're looking for more access to this transformative area of the body system, check out my guided meditations here and don't forget to watch every Monday night at 6pm PST/9pm EST for our lively discussions around all things in higher consciousness and healing.