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Hi, I'm Sherri.

 A Quantum Signature™ Healer/Intuitive, Multidimensional Light Language Channel, Artist, and Ascension Guide. I'm here to assist you in the awakening journey during this great shift.


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Take your healing practice to the next level: Master your energy and the Quantum Field at a prfoundly deep level.

Quantum Signature Healing™ (QSH) Courses

Level 1 Course, Jan 4th--there's still time to register! 


Instructors: Sherri Bausch & Lynda Light

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FREE Online Course
Crystal Ball

Private sessions: Intuitive Coaching & Guidance, Karmic Integration, Home & Land Clearings.

Ask A Question (or Two OR Three). A quick, simple and unique way to receive guidance.

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Launching Feb. 2nd, 2022
Touching the Surface

 Learn how to tune into and apply personal power and earth energy in tandem with the wisdom of the natural cycles.

My YouTube channel and blog articles can be found here, including Mindful Creative Conversations, Energy Updates, and more.

The first time I met Sherri I knew her spiritual gifts were powerful. I’m in the unique and fortunate position to have been not only her student in Yoga but also to be a recipient of Sherri and her energetic healing practice, as-well-as benefiting from her expertise in spiritual guidance from her higher self as an Ascension guide. I consider Sherri a mentor and leader in the spiritual community as she is a clear vessel for pure light from source. It is my experience that whatever you need help with or guidance for, Sherri can assist you and you’ll also consider her a blessing in your life and be better because you know this amazing woman!”

Lynda, Pennsylvania

Wild Flowers

International Museum of the Baroque

Join Us For Live-Casts on YouTube

Monday nights: my channel-Sherri Bausch 
Soul Sistar Speak (& Healing Session)
W/Lynda Light & Myself

Sunday Nights: Lynda Light Channel, 
144 Square Table, w/Lynda, Michael Rolla, Sara Hill & myself. 
Ascension chat & Healing Session





I get it! I know how frustrating it is to keep hitting the ceiling when you're ready for the next level.  

Get my FREE 10-page guide, "5 Quick Tools to Master Your Energy Field" so you ca n reclaim your purpose and step more fully into your power. 


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