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Quantum Signature Healing: Level 1




6 Weeks, with Zoom Q & A/practice every other week


About the Course

Quantum Signature Healing (QSH) is a unique and proprietary type of healing developed by Lynda and Sherri to assist with the healing of Collective Consciousness during the Ascension. It embodies many realms, dimensions and Higher Beings, and connects the quantum experience within a person and the collective, to deeper understandings.

QSH Certification includes three levels, each building on the other, with the end goal being understanding and working in mastery of your own field, and within the Quantum realms of Higher consciousness, This includes working in the planetary grids and with Collective Consciousness. This work is deep and becomes even more powerful when used with other Quantum Healing practitioners.

QSH will be offered in 3 Levels:

QSH Level 1: Commanding The Personal Field

QSH Level 2: Advanced Gridwork & Personal Field Work

QSH Level 3: Grid and Healing Mastership

Your Instructor

Sherri Bausch & Lynda Light

Lynda Light & Sherri have been working together for the last six years as Grid & Energy Masters, Teachers and Artists, while also creating and teaching independently. Their Shamanistic and Quantum approach to energy healing deals specifically with clearing the 3D paradigms, and restoring the ancient knowledge during this great shift. You can find more information about Lynda at www.teachpeacedesigns.com, and info. about Sherri, here on her 'About' page.

Sherri Bausch & Lynda Light
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