What You'll Learn:

6 week Course, 2x/week, starting February 2nd, 2022
Investment: $1111


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I teach women who are ready to flip the anxiety, pain and fatigue of autoimmune dis-ease, learn how to heal their energy, and reconnect to their heart-spirit, so they can release the overwhelm and transform into freedom. 



*The emotional, spiritual and energetic components of autoimmune dis-ease

and how they affect the physical and mental body. 

*Radically advanced and effective self-guided energy tools that go deep, so you can release fatigue, give the body space to heal, and move into clarity.

*How to shift into radical Self-Love, by addressing and clearing limiting beliefs and patterns.


*How the immune system is directly connected to the Soul and the Spiritual body, and how taking your power back

will change your overall well-being. 

*How to bring meaningful context to your life experiences so you can step back onto your path, and into a life of alignment. 

*6 weeks, 2x per week, of group coaching sessions.

*2 personal Intuitive coacing/clearing sessions with Sherri. 


*A peer sharing platform where you can receive support and feedback around your progess and experiences.


*Email check-ins with Sherri, to help keep you on track with your personal goals.

*Action-oriented & experiential lessons that teach Self-healing and empowerment. 


DISCLAIMER: Please note that the information and advice given during the course are for informative purposes only and are NOT to be taken as medical or mental health advice, or as a diagnosis. Please see a qualified Health Practitioner for medical or mental health advice, diagnoses, and additional treatment.  I approach this topic from the aspect of an Energy, Yoga and Meditation Practitioner, and from my own experience.  



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