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I help women who are fighting autoimmune issues, learn how to Self-heal, so they can take back their energy and move into thriving, wellness and building their dreams.  


*The emotional, spiritual and energetic components of autoimmune dis-ease

and how they affect the physical and mental body. 

*Radically advanced and effective self-guided energy tools that go deep, so you can release fatigue, give the body space to heal, and move into clarity.

*How to shift into radical Self-Love, by addressing and clearing limiting beliefs, patterns, and unresolved emotions.


*How the immune system is directly connected to the Soul and the Spiritual body, and how taking your power back

will change your overall well-being. 

*How to bring meaningful context to your life experiences so you can step back onto your path, and into a life of alignment. 

*6 weeks, 2x per week, of group coaching sessions.

*2 personal Intuitive coaching/clearing sessions with Sherri. 


*A peer sharing platform where you can receive support and feedback around your progress and experiences.


*Email check-ins with Sherri, to help keep you on track with your personal goals.

*Action-oriented & experiential lessons that teach Self-healing and empowerment. 

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the information and advice given during the course are for informative purposes only and are NOT to be taken as medical or mental health advice, or as a diagnosis. Please see a qualified Health Practitioner for medical or mental health advice, diagnoses, and additional treatment.  I approach this topic from the aspect of an Energy, Yoga, and Meditation Practitioner, and from my own experience.  


At age 33 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, after a three-year journey of debilitating fatigue and unexplainable symptoms.  The following ten years were spent researching, modifying, and adapting my life to fit the dis-ease.  Major changes in diet, exercise, and lifestyle helped me to wean off of the pharmaceuticals, but it wasn't enough to stop the episodes.  

By 2012  my health went off the rails. I had experienced 3 episodes and a life-threatening crisis in one year, forcing me to acknowledge the extremely unsustainable life I had made for myself.  The crisis was the beginning of a spiritual and emotional awakening.  I left my job and made a full-on commitment to ridding myself of the diagnosis once and for all.  What followed was an incredible Self-healing journey through yoga, meditation, Tapping, wellness coaching, and energy work.


Since then there have been ZERO MS episodes OR SYMPTOMS.  I no longer keep MS in my awareness.  There are no Dr. appointments or anxiety about if I can achieve or manage life.  I fully honor my intuition, my awareness, my body, spirit, mind, and emotions.  And every day I live in gratitude for the journey of Self-Healing.

This life of wellness, of freedom and creativity, is one that I want to share with others; those who are longing for mastery of their well-being.  This mission is about helping other women create a life of vision, joy, and purpose free from dis-ease and uncertainty. 

Here's to a life well-lived! 





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