Autoimmune Energetics & Human Alchemy Coaching

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 When we fully embrace and align all of the physical-human Self with our spiritual and energetic Soul Self, we have Human Alchemy---the merging of our individual experiences, energy and creativity, which moves us into a container of transformation and awakening.


This type of 'Energetic' Coaching is all about creating openings for your experiences, gifts, talents, and desires to alchemize into lasting transformation, by clearing out all of the unnecessary patterns, mindsets, belief systems and energy, that cause us to stay stuck.  

By reorganizing and rewriting your energy system we create and call back the complete and grounded version of your, so you feel focused and able to create and commands life, rather than watch it go by. 


We go deep into...

-shadow work 

-energy medicine 

-breath work

-meditation and movement techniques

-writing exercises

-creative expression

(and so much more) 


...to unlock and release, and clear the parts of you that seek the same disruptive and self-sabotaging energy.  


This is profound work that allows you to not just to walk away with new techniques for life, but with concrete shifts within your frequency so you’re not repeatedly attracting the same unwanted experiences, relationships, etc.... 





Autoimmune Energetics

Coaching Packages

Autoimmune Energetics Coaching addresses the unseen life force that has been compromised through trauma, negative patterning, conditioning and belief systems.  These disruptions create malfunctions in the immune system as a result of difficult emotions, toxins and experiences that are stuck in the energy centers.  It's a compliment and support to your formal care.


The Immune system is a living, breathing entity and In people with sensitive systems, especially those who are very empathic, the immune system acts as a physical barometer for the alignment of mind, emotions and spirit. And energetically speaking, AI disorders tend to reflect issues around misalignment, resistance to Self-acceptance, love and worth.

Therefore, immune dis-ease becomes very individualized.  While every disorder has similar symptoms, it can act differently in each person, requiring an  individualized approach.  By identifying the energetics of youAutoimmune Energetics Coaching takes an entirely different route to equalize the body, by examining your energy signature. We then go in and clear out the harmful aspects and blockages.  


This Work Is For You If:

-You’ve been formally diagnosed with an immune disorder such as Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes, Chron’s, Parkinsons, Myastenia Gravis, Chronic Fatigue and so on. 


-You suffer with severe allergies, such as seasonal or food related sensitivities.


-You tend to get sick with colds, flu, sinus infections, or strep and shingles often.


-You suffer from generalized fatigue or pain issues that are chronic and severe, but no cause has been found. 

This is an intensive wellness coaching program targeting the immune system that will support you in shifting into wellness and thriving. We address the 4 bodies that affect this important human system: Physical, Mental, Spiritual & Emotional.  As an intuitive, energy and wellness practitioner, I offer a multi-dimensional alternative approach to healing that is a compliment to your current protocols. 

For "Pay As You Go" Coaching, go to the Sessions Page

1 month Package: 


  • 1 Free 30 min. Consultation & Assessment Interview

  • 4 x 75-minute 1:1, sessions which include energy clearings, exercises and check-in.

  • Unlimited Email and chat support between coaching sessions 

  • Short-term intention/goal setting

  • Home Exercises & Accountability

  • Check-ins to make sure you’re on track and feeling confident about the assigned work

  • Resources that will support your intentions, including Guided meditation exercises for clearing negative beliefs & conditioning, and Self-awareness for Self-Love

  • We’ll develop a manageable habits & routines that fit your lifestyle

  • Email support in-between sessions 



-100% commitment from me

-Complete confidentiality

-Measurable relief from stress and fatigue 

-Positive shifts in your world & perspective

-Clarity around your unique energy signature

-Deeper connection to Soul & Spirit 

-Feeling more grounded and embodied

-Agenda set by you each session, according to your needs

-Concrete tools to go deeper into Self-understanding, love and acceptance

-Actionable steps to help you make progress towards your goals

-Achievable & realistic targets

-Homework & consistent accountability

-Free access to me via email

***3 month & 12 month packages are also available.  Please book a call for more details***


Rock Balancing

Human Alchemy Coaching

Human Alchemy Coaching brings your experiences, gifts, talents, and desires into a container of true transformation.  With your focused intentions, we work together to shift mindset, patterns and belief systems by delving into deep shadow work, energy medicine, breath work, meditation and movement techniques.  


This is profound work that allows you to not just to walk away with new techniques for life, but with actual shifts within your energetic frequency so you’re not repeatedly attracting the same unwanted experiences.  By reorganizing and rewriting your energy system we call back a more complete and grounded version of you; one who creates life with joy and intention,, rather than as a bystander. 


Whether you’re looking for short or long term support, this work will facilitate immediate and lasting change. 

Radical Autoimmune Reset Reconnect To The Heart, Energize Your Life Force & Transform Your