Human Alchemy Coaching

Clear, Transform & Thrive


Humans are clusters of complex energy patterns.


These 'energetics' live in the body and affect the four major systems--emotional, mind, spiritual, and physical.  If you're challenged with an autoimmune diagnosis, and live with the fatigue, pain, and strange symptoms that the immune system develops as it turns on itself, then you know the uncertainty of life.

I offer two types of Coaching packages:

Autoimmune Energetics & Human Alchemy 

Autoimmune Energetics Coaching addresses the unseen prana, or life force that has been compromised through trauma, negative patterning, conditioning and belief systems.  These disruptions create malfunctions as a result of difficult emotions and experiences that are stuck in the systems. 

When the deep, toxic stuff is cleared out, the body can 'breathe' and make friends with itself again.  Through in-depth re-patterning, earnest self-awareness and recognizing that everything our bodies takes in, has an energy signature, we begin to heal in miraculous ways. 

I use a multi-faceted approach unlike 'traditional' coaching.  If you're ready to leave behind the label of Autoimmune Disorder for good, and step a life you've dreamed about, I'm here to support you. 


Let's talk and see how we can transform your health and well-being into thriving!

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