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About Me

As a 30 year mentor, educator, healer, artist, and nature child I've enjoyed connecting and growing with those I've been guided to work with, and have had the honor of experiencing and sharing in many, many different aspects.

I hold a B. A. in Integrative Arts, an M.Ed in Education, am a Reiki Master, EFT Level 1 Practitioner, Certified Wellness Coach and 500 Hr. Ashtanga & Restorative Yoga Teacher, as well as a multidimensional Light Language channel. 


 Eight years ago, my spiritual awakening began, and my life has been an incredible adventure ever since, with a rapid up-leveling and remembering of the gifts and abilities that have, and will be supporting my mission here.  Having experienced the gamut of emotions, triumphs, challenges, and deep life lessons, I'm able to understand, connect the pieces and guide others as they discover their true radiance. 


We then work together to unlock the ancient wisdom of the soul, we release not only the stuff that no longer serves, but also the empowering and creative energies that are much needed as we move into the process of accessing Higher Consciousness. 

While the work I do has taken on many flavors over the years, my intention has remained the same---helping you to Remember Who You Are.  That means opening and directing the quantum field that we exist in and reconnecting you with Source power and your cosmic origins. 

This work is deep and honestly, not very clean, but it gains access to both the light and dark which are equally important as we integrate our many experiences here on the planet.  My gifts, (as we all possess these and more) are as an energy intuitive, psychic, clairaudient, karmic/quantum healer, grid worker, water & crystal alchemist, and light language & galactic channel. I truly believe that we ALL possess the same abilities and that this is where the ascension process is taking us. 


And so my work is all about helping you and others to see and accept the human condition as it operates from the blueprint of Divine Consciousness and the power of Gaia; to help each of us to BE the observer in the game called 'Earth', then support you as you move into a beautiful, easeful and joyful life.   






I get it! I know how frustrating it is to keep hitting the ceiling when you're ready for the next level.  

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