Hi, I'm Sherri...

 ...a Multidimensional Healing Practitioner-Intuitive, Human Alchemy™ Coach and Autoimmune Energetics Coach, who supports you in clearing the shadowy, deep, tough patterns, conditioning and belief systems that prevent you from being in wellness and thriving. 

During sessions I help bring through the emotional and quantum aspects of YOU, that are ready to come online into full transformation. This is Human Alchemy™, and it's the means by which I help you expand into a more aligned Self.

As a Light Language Channel and artist, I often bring through frequencies that assist in shifting dense energy out of the body, mind, spiritual, emotional and physical body, at a cellular level.  After a session, clients often feel lighter and notice profound changes in their relationships, their homes or the lessening of old triggers and traumas. 

I'm also a 30 year educator, mentor and coach, and a RYT 500 hr. certified Ashtanga Yoga Instructor, as well as a Level 1 EFT Practitioner, Reiki Master and certified Wellness Coach. 

And while my approach is mostly energetic, I also draw on breath work, the natural world, shamanic journeying, and ancient wisdoms to provide a holistic and individualized approach to personal transformation. 


There is only one unique Being like you, and the world desperately needs what you have to share!  I'm here to help you expand into highest version of you. 







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"...My writing ability hasn't changed in the last month.  What has changed is me.  And I'm pretty sure that's because of our Alchemy group...I wanted to let you know, because it's making a difference in people's lives. So my eternal thanks and gratitude..." 

                                                                                     -Mandy, Australia

Crystal Ball

Private sessions: Intuitive Coaching & Guidance, Karmic Integration, Home & Land Clearings.

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"Sherri Bausch is an amazingly powerful psychic/intuitive and spiritual adept whose work I will trust over and over. Wonderful healing energy flows from Sherri to client as she looks into the unseen elements of a situation. She then offers the clarity and profound insights needed to help you shift the experience to a whole higher level. 


She has been able to see clearly into both my and my loved ones’ current and past life experiences, offering images and histories in ways that empowered me to finally grasp what was happening, and why. 


Sherri will show complete respect for your life and experiences, never judging but honoring your path. Her encouraging comments and innate wisdom have assisted me and many others in moving through difficult experiences with far greater grace and comfort.


I recommend Sherri’s work for those looking to expand their outlook with high-level understanding, and beautifully supportive, healing energies!"


-Caroline Oceana Ryan, 

Author, Speaker & Channeler

Radical Autoimmune Reset Reconnect To The Heart, Energize Your Life Force & Transform Your
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Touching the Surface

 Learn how to tune into and apply personal power and earth energy in tandem with the wisdom of the natural cycles.

My YouTube channel and blog articles can be found here, including Live Clearing Event Replays, Soul Sistar Speak, Energy Updates, and more.




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